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Duty Schedule:

  • Training Week 1
    2015-01-04 1:33 am

    Dates for 1st training week May 9 - 17. Contact Jim W for more info.

  • Training Week 2
    2015-01-04 1:31 am

    Dates for 2nd training week August 1-9. Contact Jim W for more info

  • A trio of check rides completed!
    2014-07-16 3:14 am

    Congratulations are in order for the following members completing check rides! Steve Miller - Com... (full story)

  • Thermal Camp
    2014-06-10 2:49 am

    Rolland Nakashima and Pat Grusenmeyer attended Nevada Soaring Association's Thermal Camp at Air Sail... (full story)

  • Training week - May 10 - 18
    2014-04-30 1:33 am

    Remember to send an email to if you are attending. Instructors, tow pilots, students a... (full story)

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  • Sat 2015-05-30 08:00 am
      Tow Pilots:
      Club Ships:
      Private Ships:

        Young Eagles or Rides for Delaware Boys and Girls club. I would like to all three two seat gliders in the air for this event. Please sign up as club ship if you can come out and fly some of these kids. Please sign up as student if you are willing to come out and help as ground crew.

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